Game Changing Seafood


Outstanding Quality

Independent taste panels have judged our products, paying particular attention to the colour, texture and odour, whilst qualified Chefs from The Gastronomic Institute have assessed the flavour. The conclusion of both groups is that line-caught fish has a much higher quality.

  • Ocean Wild - Fresh Frozen

    Our FAS line-caught cod is super-chilled and hand cut by true professionals resulting in snow-white, firm interleaved fillets.

  • Long-Line Fishing Smarter

    Studies show that line-caught cod accounts for three times less greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption than that of trawl-caught cod.

  • Whiter and Firmer Fish

    Better flesh quality of line-caught fish is produced from better bleeding out and less compression damage.

  • Eco-Certified Fish

    Lower greenhouse gas emissions are just one of the benefits of long-lining. Also wider catching methods as well as how we can develop specially-designed bait that for example, cod of the required size will take. This in turn has given us the opportunity to eco-certify this type of fish.

Norway’s Finest

Norfisk sources its fish from a selected group of longliners situated on the west coast of Norway. This close partnership with the fishermen gives us first-hand access to the finest line caught fish there is.

Catch Method

Longline fishing is a commercial fishing technique, it uses a long-line called the main line, with baited hooks attached at intervals by means of branch lines called snoods.

When catching by longline the fish is brought on board live, one by one. After catching the processing begins and within three hours the fish is frozen to -18 degrees. This quick freezing process locks in the quality and goodness of the fish, which ensures an outstanding quality.

  • Outstanding quality
  • No seabed damage
  • Less unwanted by-catch
  • Carbon footprint reduction
  • Spawning cod rarely taken
  • Big hooks = Big fish


The strictly controlled nature of our products makes our range ideally suited to the Fish Frying trade, retailers and processors alike. Our year-round availability of raw material means we regularly offer our clients fixed price supply contracts for products to their precise, exacting needs.

  • Long line portions
  • Tight graded interleaved SLBL fillets
  • Long line tails
  • Longline smart fillets
  • Longline Loins
  • Norway’s finest Coldwater prawns

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